Harvest Moon Winery

Our grape growing/winemaking philosophy combines two traditionally separate tasks–growing quality wine grapes and then making them into wine–into a single principle called WineGrowing. As both grower and winemaker, Randy Pitts ponders on the winemaking as he cultivates the vineyards throughout the growing season.

We feel our wines represent an elegant approach to the cool-climate Russian River Valley and greater Sonoma County. As aspiring foodies and purveyors of homegrown produce, we enjoy these wines as they complement our nightly meals rather than compete with the food as the high alcohol wines tend to do. With the natural growing conditions of the Russian River Valley, we’re on our way to crafting wines that whisper.

Harvest Moon farms nearly 85% of the grapes that go into our wines so we spend many months each growing season among the vines.

We are committed to sustainability both in the vineyards as well as in the cellar and believe this balanced approach is the future in Wine Country.

We proudly invite you to visit our Estate tasting room and winery to experience the next echelon of full-service Sonoma County wine country!

Our simple circular brushstroke logo is an ancient Chinese symbol that has been contemporarily adopted as the circle of life. Our logo, like our vineyards, represents a semi-closed system; The Circle of Life starts out slowly and builds to high productivity, only to level out and enjoy a slow, gradual decline. Just before the circle is joined, there’s a brief pause – a quietness of sorts – and then begins the cycle anew. This is life… These are our seasons… This is wine.